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User Manuals

Click Here for access to User Manuals. If you do not see yours listed you can request one using the form below; please include the name associated with your account.

Monitoring Solutions

We welcome new and existing Owl-Tech customers, as well as those who already have an alarm from another provider that needs service or monitoring.

Reduce the Risk of False Alarms

Click Here to download CANASA's (The Canadian Security Association) brochure on How to Reduce the Risk of False Alams.

Testing your Alarm System

To reduce the risk of false alarms and ensure a propery functioning system, Owl-Tech recommends regularly testing your alarm system devices and communication to the monitoring station.

To test your alarm system, please ensure you first call the monitoring station to place your system "on-test", this means that your alarm system will still function as usual, HOWEVER, any signals received during this test period will not be acted on by the operator. The phone number for the monitoring station will be located on your "System ID Card" along with your System ID #. You will also be required to provide your verbal password. 

1. Call the monitoring station and ask to put your alarm system on test for one hour (or longer if you feel you need more time). Please try to keep testing to Monday - Friday from 9am-3pm (holidays excluded); this will allow for support directly from the service office should it be required. 

2. Test the devices your wish to test on your alarm system.

          Example: For panic buttons, push and hold for 5 seconds. For motion detectors and door contacts you will need to arm your system in away mode, and open and close your entry door, prior to testing contacts or motion detectors. 

          Important: Keep note of the zone (device & area) you are testing, for an updated copy of your zone information, please contact our service office. 

3. If you tested less than 3 zones, you can contact the monitoring station using the same phone number you called initially. If you tested more than 3 zones, please contact the service office so that they can verify signals with you. (It is important to not utilize operator time so they can continue to respond appropriately to urgent calls and signals, we ask that if you are testing more than 3 zones you do so with the support of our service office). Have your system ID # and password ready. 

4. To verify signal transmission to the monitoring station, please inform our service office or the monitoring station operator which zone #'s you have tested, this way we will be able to verify that both the initial alarm signal was received, as well as a restoral signal. We can also send a report of your testing period at your request. 

IMPORTANT: If any zones that you tested were not received at the monitoring station - do NOT take your system "off-test" and call the service office at 519-448-4421.

If all signals (alarms & restores) were received at the monitoring station, you can take your system "off-test". If you are speaking with the service office, we will ask that you call the monitoring station back to take the system "off-test".

Request Information

To request product information, learn or enquire about new products, features or services we welcome you to contact us.

If you require any assistance, please feel free to contact our toll-free number        (1-866-684-2226) or use the form below.

Email service requests are for non-urgent requests only. Please call our toll-free number to access our 24 hour emergency mailbox to request Emergency After Hours Service.

For user guides or instructional videos, please browse our collection below. Learn more about your system or perhaps one you are considering:

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