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Residential - Burglar Alarms

Looking for real security and peace of mind? At Owl-Tech Security System Services we believe that security is more than just the assembly, installation and programming of devices. It is the care taken to understand our customer’s needs and respond with a solution that matches their objective and customer service and support that ensures value for their investment year after year.

Whether you choose the attractive and functional Touch Screen Keypad, Remote Keyfob, basic Keypad or your Smartphone to interact with your system, rest assured that Owl-Tech Security System Services uses the best products in their installations. Owl-Tech selects internationally recognized and strong brands such as DSC and Honeywell in the design of their customized security systems.

Whether you are the keep it simple type or someone that seeks out the newest technologies, Owl-Tech has it all when it comes to security for your home:

  • Access and control your security system via Apps on your smartphone
  • Control appliances, lighting and temperature remotely by incorporating “Z” wave home automation into your security system
  • Integrate fire detection into your monitored security alarm to summon help whether you are home of not. Imagine the added peace of mind this brings for people living on their own, children at home after school or those who have pets.
  • Monitor and have notification of water escape, carbon monoxide, low temperature conditions and more
  • Control exterior gates or remote door entry from your keypad
  • View video remotely or send video clips of events as they occur to your smartphone
  • Using specialized sensors and custom designed solutions your alarm system can accommodate pets
  • Integrate overhead garage door opening when you disarm your system
  • With one system protect both your home and shop… arm and disarm each area independently
  • Use your tablet as a virtual keypad
  • Track when the system is armed and disarmed and by whom
  • View your photos as a slideshow on your touchscreen keypad


Contact us today to set up your personalized evaluation of your home security needs.

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