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Institutional - Access Control

For Safe schools or governing access to a medical facility or high security area, access control systems offer solutions to many of today’s security challenges.

Owl-Tech's Access Control systems allow you to control where, when, how and who is admitted to your building thus improving the safety and security of the site and those who use the facility. With trusted access control products like Keyscan combined with installation, programming and training performed by manufacturer trained professionals, you can count on getting the most out of your access control system.

By replacing or supplementing a traditional key lock system, an access control system can remove the inconvenience, high cost, and time needed to replace a lock when a key goes missing. Quickly and easily use software to add, change or delete access cards & tags for staff, volunteers, and teachers.

With management software you can allow, restrict, and track access for multiple sites, as well as, print and share reports. You can manage privileges either locally or remotely. Imagine having the ability to perform lock downs and alter schedules to accommodate snow days.

Integrate with your alarm system for specific access schedules and automatic arming requirements. Take advantage of a full spectrum of control and management features to monitor access to all areas of your complex by integration with security alarms, intercoms and video surveillance.

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