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Industrial - Video Surveillance

Whether you are operating a single manufacturing plant, large industrial or a multi-site facility there are many ways that video can be utilized or integrated with others systems to improve safety, security and efficiency.

Owl-Tech Security can work with you to achieve your video solution. There are various technologies in cameras and video systems available. Matching the camera and type of system to the application is critical to achieve the objective for the video and ensure ongoing satisfaction of operation.

Did you know that IP based systems are considered to be the most current technology yet analogue cameras are still widely used? As each technology addresses specific needs, Owl-Tech is ready to analyze your video requirements to assess and recommend the options to best achieve your objectives.

Type Key points
IP Systems - Utilize analytics (like direction of travel, people counting, facial recognition)
- Megapixel camera recordings allow clear zoom to detail on recorded video
- Generally higher cost than analogue system
Analogue Systems - Generally cost less than IP systems
- Extensive range of equipment available
- Recorded images (playback) lose crisp clear detail as images are enlarged (pixilation)
Hybrid Systems - Combine Analogue and IP to get features / benefits from both technologies

Look to Owl-Tech to provide information and ideas. Perhaps you need wireless video transmission via mesh network or wireless bridge to meet the needs for a large outdoor facility? Possibly you require a specialty camera solution such as PTZ (pan tilt zoom), license plate camera, or thermal imaging camera? Maybe you need a simple system to monitor a robotic process in a harsh environment or product on a production line? A properly designed video system will give you value for your investment by providing “useable video” when you need it.

Owl-Tech’s commitment to the provision of usable video has led us to partner with leading manufacturers that have worldwide recognition in the surveillance technology industry.

As Bosch Security Certified Dealers, Owl-Tech often incorporates Bosch high-end Analogue, IP and Mega-Pixel Cameras into their solutions. For special applications such as detecting activity in outdoor areas without lighting, we include Flir Thermal Imaging cameras into the design.

As an Axis Communications Authorized Partner, Owl-Tech Security looks to this manufacturer, who is #1 in their offering of IP cameras. Our Network Video Solutions might include a range of Axis cameras from standard resolution to megapixel surveillance cameras.

In building your video solution, Owl-Tech chooses the strength of Bosch, Open Eye and Aimetis for local management of your video and remote connectivity and viewing via your smartphone. Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Network Video Recorders (NVR), or Hybrid units that incorporate both IP and Analogue technologies are selected based on the application. For large IP based installations we utilize software video analytics such as Aimetis to manage your video solution and build Network Video Servers and Storage to suit.

Contact us today to discuss video solutions for your industrial application.

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