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Industrial - Access Control

Owl-Tech's Access Control systems allow you to control where, when, how and who is admitted to your building, compounds, manufacturing or design areas, offices, vaults. You can even be sure that cabinets and drawers are accessible only to those that are entitled to have access. With simple management software pull reports and logs as needed for stock control, due diligence or time management.

By replacing a traditional key lock system, our Access Control systems eliminate the inconvenience and high cost, of rekeying a lock when a key goes missing. With management software you can allow, restrict, track access and print and share reports.

Access Control systems can be integrated with security systems and video surveillance to provide a full spectrum of control and management to monitor access to all areas of your business. You can manage privileges either locally or remotely.

Visitor Management software and badging systems can make managing visitors to your facility easier and more efficient in addition to greatly enhancing their safety.

There are Access Control products to suit a range of applications. Owl-Tech provides solutions for large multi-site complexes, sites requiring only single door control, server cabinet control, a single pharmaceutical drawer at a nurse’s station and everything in between.

Contact us today to implement the benefits of access control at your production facility.

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