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Commercial - Video Surveillance

Owl-Tech’s commitment to the provision of usable video has led us to partner with leading manufacturers that have worldwide recognition in the surveillance technology industry.

As Bosch Security Certified Dealers, Owl-Tech often incorporates Bosch high-end Analogue, IP and Mega-Pixel Cameras into their solutions. For special applications such as detecting activity in outdoor areas without lighting, we include Flir Thermal Imaging cameras into the design.

As an Axis Communications Authorized Partner, Owl-Tech Security looks to this manufacturer, who is #1 in their offering of IP cameras. Our Network Video Solutions might include a range of Axis cameras from standard resolution to megapixel surveillance cameras.

In building your video solution, Owl-Tech chooses the strength of Bosch, Open Eye and Aimetis for local management of your video and remote connectivity and viewing via your smartphone. Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Network Video Recorders (NVR), or Hybrid units that incorporate both IP and Analogue technologies are selected based on the application. For large IP based installations we utilize software video analytics such as Aimetis to manage your video solution and build Network Video Servers and Storage to suit.

There is a long list of benefits that can be realized with the incorporation of video surveillance into any business application. Once the system is installed, new and additional applications are often discovered and paybacks continue to be recognized.

Consider how Video Surveillance could improve your bottom line…

  • Reduce shrinkage from shoplifting and employee dishonesty
  • Monitor cash register transactions with overlay on video
  • Ensure store branding & appropriate merchandising remotely from head office
  • Verify safety compliance in procedures and wearing and use of safety gear
  • Reduce liability and false claims by using video as an unobtrusive witness to monitor activity at or around your place of business. Use video recording to document the performance of service to a vehicle, record safety compliance at fueling stations, or depots. Monitor other sensitive or high risk areas or equipment operation. ROI on a properly designed video surveillance system can be realized with the avoidance of a single false claim against your operation.
  • Use video and remote access to visually bring all stores in a chain virtually to one desktop for viewing simultaneously or individually. Allow management or head office to “peek in” to their locations to stay on top of day to day operations. Discreetly view sites for purposes such as  marketing, staffing, display and branding conformation, safety, security and concerns unique to your business.
  • Keep connected to your business investment whenever you decide and wherever you are with apps that work with your smartphone to allow you to remotely view your video. Receive an email to your device to notify you of alarm activation or other important event.
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