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Commercial - Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms offer much more than quick notification and dispatch for a break in. A properly designed, programmed and monitored system will offer peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in ways you may not have considered.

While motion sensors, door contacts, glass break and shock detectors provide detection of an intrusion; a security system can also be used to provide other useful functions such as:

  • Announce customer entry into your retail area or detect unauthorized door use via an entry alert chime or auxiliary buzzer.
  • Access a log of activity. Imagine having details any time the system was armed or disarmed and identify the user that performed the function. Know if staff or contractors are arriving on time, leaving when they say, and be aware if there is access outside of normal business hours.
  • Eliminate unwanted access by removal of a terminated employee’s access code preventing them from deactivating the system, even if they had an extra key made.
  • Communicate early notification of fire and summon response by connecting appropriate fire detection devices to your security system for monitoring. Connect your fire panel or sprinkler system to your monitored alarm system to enhance their function.
  • Keep vulnerable areas secure while allowing full access where required with a partitioned system.
  • Monitor for environmental conditions such as high or low temperatures in coolers or freezers, humidity for greenhouses, lighting levels for ATM areas, harmful gases and other critical settings. You can even receive notification to your smartphone in addition to advisement by the monitoring station if a problem occurs.

The best and most trouble free Commercial Alarm systems are designed with many factors in mind. Consideration should be given to both interior and exterior factors of the building itself, the activities, the risks, as well as the people that will be working and visiting the site.

Owl-Tech Security System Services uses the best products in their installations choosing from internationally recognized and strong brands such as DSC and Honeywell to match the application. All of our systems are easy-to-use, provide optimal functionality and are supported by accessible and exceptional customer service to ensure your business is always protected.

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