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Commercial - 24 Hour Monitoring

At Owl-Tech Security System Services, your security is our priority. That is why we offer 24 hour monitoring as an added element to our services. Our highly trained professionals can monitor your business around the clock, all year round, to make sure your work space and investments are protected.

By employing various signal transmission technologies you can choose single path, dual or multiple path to transmit alarm and alert signals to our ULC listed monitoring stations. Choose basic digital monitoring which uses a phone line to communicate signals or send signals over a high speed internet connection or wirelessly over the cellular network. Choose one method or combine technologies to build in a back-up.

Not all monitoring is the same. Owl-tech sends more than just alarm signals to the monitoring station. By sending trouble signals our service staff can assist you with unusual occurrences should they occur. Troubles sent to the monitoring station also provide useful data which can often be used to troubleshoot and provide assistance to our clients. Owl-tech also sends daily communication tests to the monitoring station. This automated test verifies the communication between your alarm system and the monitoring station every single day offering great peace of mind.

Owl-Tech Security System Services recognizes that not all sites or events require the same type of response. Not only can our installation and equipment be customized to address your specific needs so can the protocols for handling the signals that are monitored for your business.

We manage your security needs by providing notification in regards to intrusions, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide leaks, flood or high water, as well as other environmental concerns. You manage your security by directing how you want us to handle the notification process to ensure it makes sense for your business. Should a monitored condition require a specific responder such as your on call IT staff, the building superintendent, your refrigeration specialist, or the appropriate emergency services department, we have the flexibility to meet your requirements.

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